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Stanion C of E Primary School

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Stanion PTA Committee

Stanion C.E.V.A Primary PTA Meeting

DATE:  9th November 2017 at 6:15pm


Amy Smith (AS), Jo Taylor(JT), Wayne Jones(WJ)


Rob Singlehurst, Dana Lukic, Steph Honan


  1.  Children in Need Bake Sale
  2. Nativity arrangements
  3. KS2 Carol Concert
  4. Raffle for class hampers
  5. Christmas present appeal for Leicester Hospital
  6. School pantomime trip
  7. Christmas Party Afternoon
  8. Father Christmas Visit
  9. Christmas Class Presents
  10. Results of PTA Questionnaire
  11. May Day
  12. Any other business

Minutes of the meeting:

JT confirmed the disco made £66.30, after deductions.

  1.  Children in Need Bake Sale – Friday 17th November.  AS confirmed that she will arrange for Matt (her husband) to design a poster to be put up around the school and sent out by Parentmail on Monday 13th November.

Can people please let AS know if can assist after school on Friday with the bake sale. 

  1. Nativity arrangements.

    KS1 Nativity Weds 13th Dec 2pm – The names of the people to support with refreshments after are Charlene, Maggie and Sarah. 

    AS to arrange for the purchase of tea and coffee and polystyrene cups

    KS1 Nativity Thurs 14th Dec 10am – The names of the people to support with refreshments after are:  Dana, Maggie and Sarah

  2. 2pm – The names of the people to support with refreshments after are:  Maggie, Sarah, AS

    If there is anybody else that can help with refreshments for any of the above please let AS know.  All help is much appreciated.

  3. KS2 Carol Concert Weds 13th Dec – The names of the people to support with refreshments Nikki, Maggie, Sarah, Jo and Dana

AS to arrange with Dana for the purchase of Mulled Wine, Mince Pies, orange juice, polystyrene cups and biscuits

  1. Raffle for class hampers – Request for donations to be sent out by Parentmail on the 27/11.  AS to arrange for Matt (her husband) to design a poster.  There will be a competition between year groups for the best hamper

Nikki to arrange hampers for this.

Raffle tickets will go on sale W/C 11/12. 

We will need help selling raffle tickets after school this week.  Could anybody that can help please let AS know? So that we can make sure that this is manned.  All help is gratefully received.

  1. Christmas Present Appeal - JT suggested that the PTA put out a Christmas appeal for presents to donate to Leicester Hospital, more specifically the people on their OAP ward over the Christmas period.  JT to arrange a box to be placed in reception for people to place their pre-wrapped presents in. 

Parentmail to be sent out W/C 4/12.  AS to ask Matt (her husband) to design a poster for this.

JT’s friend works at Leicester Hospital, so she will arrange to hand over the presents collected.

  1. School Pantomime Trip – 19th December – PTA to provide sweets to be taken with them.  AS to sort sweets out, suggested 120 small packs of sweets will be sufficient.


  1. Christmas Party Afternoon – PTA to provide pass the parcel present with lots of layers and a box of sweets in the middle for the winner.  AS and JT to arrange and wrap the present.
  2. Father Christmas Visit – To be confirmed with Kirsty whether her Dad would be willing to be Santa again this year.
  3. Christmas Class Presets – On checking the banking information for last year it was established that PTA donated £25 per year group last year.  The same amount will be provided this year.
  4. PTA Questionnaire Results – Only a few completed questionnaires received.  The suggestions received were: A Quiz Night, Movie Night, Christmas Fayre, Summer Fayre, Racenight
  5. We have a possible racenight pencilled in for 9th March 2018
  6. Family Film Night pencilled in for 23rd March 2018 – It is possible that this will be for the whole family and that children will not be left on their own.  WJ suggested that the movies are held in the classrooms as a pose to the hall so that it is a more confined space.  It was also suggested that could have 2 different movies running in different classrooms to offer choice.

  7. May Day  – It was suggested that a free bbq could be put on by the PTA after the May Day Celebrations.  Would need to look in to possible purchase of a bbq, or whether one could be borrowed.

    Could also sell PIMMS afterwards.

  8. JT to contact Rob to ask for an update on the bank account for the PTA.

    Discussed the level of uptake to join the PTA this year has not been very high from the new Reception class parents.  Any ideas on how to boost numbers would be gratefully received.

    Next Meeting Scheduled for Thursday 18/01/18 6.15pm at school

  • Bronze Award
  • Healthy Schools
  • School Games Silver
  • School Achievement Award
  • Investors in  People
  • The Diocese of Peterborough