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Stanion C of E Primary School

'Love the lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.'

Stanion PTA Committee


22nd September 2021



Amy Smith (AS)

Matt Smith (MS)

Rob Singlehurst (RS)

Kirstie Singlehurst (KS)

Michelle Hadlow (MH)

Lisa Manton (LM)

Jo Taylor (JT)

Jade Hayes (JH)

Lucy Tarry (LT)

Wayne Jones (WJ)

Apologies from: Laura Allanson, Tracey Donativo and Rachel Ferguson – all would like to assist the PTA if they are able.


  • Welcome back after the summer holidays
  • Anybody able to take over role of Chair?
  • Anybody able to take over role of Secretary?
  • Update on the PTA account
  • Discuss the types of events that we can organise in line with current Covid protocols
  • Inform Cauliflower cards pack ordered
  • Any ideas from the school for specific funding required from the PTA?
  • Any other fundraising ideas?
  • Any other business 


  • AS welcomes all to the meeting and thanks everyone for attending.
  • AS asks if anyone can take over the role of Chair as she is not going to be as available as previous years and is not sure that she will be able to put the time into the role that she has previously.  Nobody can volunteer due to lack of time.  It is agreed that the PTA members will support AS in order for her to carry on as chair. AS confirms that she will continue in the role with the support of the other members and will see how it works with her new studies.
  • AS asks if anyone can take over the role of Secretary.  Again, nobody is able to volunteer.  AS will perform the role of Secretary, again with the support of the other members of the PTA.
  • RS confirmed PTA raised £800 last year.  Agreed that was a good amount, considering not much fundraising possible due to pandemic.  RS confirmed the overall PTA account as sitting at around £5,700.
  • Discussed Christmas raffle – AS suggested sending raffle tickets homes with children, as trialled last year.  AS suggested offering cash prizes in order to simplify things.
  • LM suggested possibility of running more movie nights, possibly once a month in the absence of being able to plan big events currently.  LM suggested doing a big cash and carry shop in order to get supplies for the movie nights and store them as a time saving exercise.
  • AS asked WJ for confirmation of the types of events that are possible, due to current Covid regulations.  WJ confirmed that discos are not possible at the moment but can be reviewed in the new year.
  • AS asked whether it is possible to hold a bake sale.  WJ confirmed that current guidance is not clear, but ideally only packaged cakes would be sold, although the joy of our bake sales is to sell the lovely cakes made by PTA members (KS!).  WJ concluded that we could leave it up to the parents to decide whether they are happy to buy the homemade cakes and if the cakes were made in sterile environments, he didn’t see an issue with this.  AS suggested holding a cake sale towards the end of the current term, this would be weather dependent.  KS suggested buying individual plastic cupcake cases so that once the cupcakes have been made, they are placed in these and then there is less physical contact.
  • AS confirmed that a Cauliflower Card pack has been ordered to run this again.  AS acknowledged that not there is not a huge amount of uptake on this, but that it is something nice, especially for the reception parents, to be involved in.
  • AS asked WJ whether he is aware of anything that the school would like the PTA to help fund.  WJ couldn’t think of anything off the top of his head, but will speak to Mrs Hankins, as she runs the school council, to see whether the children have had any ideas.  JT also advised that she speak to the Church Council to see whether there were any ideas there as well.
  • JT advised that there is a lady that bakes cakes in the village and she has suggested that she would be interested in making donations for charitable causes
  • JT also advised that she has details of some new businesses based in the village, so it is possible that they would donate raffle prizes.  JT confirmed that she would give AS these details.
  • AS confirmed that she has no further business and suggested setting a date for the next PTA meeting.
  • WJ also suggested discussing dates for the movie nights and bake sales discussed.  AS asked for clarification as to what are the best days of the week, for the school, to arrange a movie night.  WJ confirmed, based on after school clubs, the best day to hold a movie night would be a Wednesday.  AS confirmed that she wouldn’t be available to assist with a movie night on a Wednesday.  WJ suggested that could also possibly run a movie night on a Friday after school, although staff would be keen to get home.  WJ suggested running movie nights on different days for KS1 and KS2, so KS1 could have their movie night on a Tuesday and KS2 on a Wednesday.  AS agreed, to float the dates of the 12.10, 13.10 and 20.10 for possible movie nights.  JT suggested holding the movie night on the same days as the clubs for the alternative key stage, so if there are siblings at the school club the parents wouldn’t need to pick up twice.  LM pointed out that the movie could only then be a short one, so that it worked with the timing of the after-school club.  AS discussed about food for the movie night and it was suggested that this be kept simple with each child attending being given popcorn and a drink at the start. AS discussed, the number of helpers that would be needed, agreed 2 people would be required in each classroom and another floating between. LM suggested it might be tight for time trying to fit an hour movie into the same time as the after-school clubs because of getting the children in and settled watching the movie takes up 5 – 10 minutes and that it might be worth revisiting this with movie nights closer to Christmas and for now just holding one movie night for all key stages, as previously organised.  AS agreed with this.
  • AS suggested a date of the 22.10 for the bake sale, weather permitting.  KS suggested using a gazebo, so could still hold the bake sale even if the weather is not great.
  • AS suggested not holding another meeting before Christmas, any events that need organising can be arranged via email etc.  LM suggested looking at the way that PTA meetings are held and the possibility of these being held via Teams or Zoom.  AS advised will not be available, going forward, for meetings on a Wednesday, for meetings at 5pm it would need to be a Monday or Tuesday.  WJ suggested Monday 17th January 2022 at 5pm for the next meeting.
  • AS thanked, everyone for attending.
  • School Games
  • Bronze Award
  • Healthy Schools
  • School Games Silver
  • The Diocese of Peterborough
  • School Achievement Award
  • Investors in  People