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Stanion C of E Primary School

'Love the lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.'

Stanion PTA Committee

PTA MEETING 27/01/2020


Amy Smith (AS) Matt Smith (MS) Wayne Jones (WJ) Steph Honan (SH)

Rob Singlehurst (RS) Lisa Manton (LM) Laura Allanson (LA) Lucy Tarry (LT)

Louise McQuarrie (LMc) Tracey Donativo (TD)


Easy Fundraising update

Events booked

Funding ideas

Any other business

A.S welcomes everyone and thanked new attendees.


Easy Fundraising total now at £1408, this is a fantastic back burner earning good money for the P.T.A, well done to all those who use it.


School disco booked for the 07/02/2020

6 helpers for that event (WJ) informed us that we will also have 2 teachers present

(AS) (KS) (SH) (LA) (TD) (LM) (RF) (SHa)

Many thanks to all that have offered.

Glitter tattoos to be on offer again but with a prebook only option and a list in the office will be given to the artists of the night. Hopefully this will work better.

No sweets as it’s not cost effective, usual crisps and drinks.

(AS) has asked about a cake sale for the 14/02/2020 after school

(WJ) has approved this so we will require a few helpers please.


Smartie tube challenge with a difference......

the question was asked if we could again run the smartie tube challenge as it was such a huge success with raising funds for the P.T.A kitty! (Around £400)


(WJ) has advised that aslong as we make it clear we’re not running a competition and it’s entirely up to the children if they would like to participate then we should be fine to go ahead.  It was suggested that it would run for a longer period as well to take the urgency of it away, (LM) said that was some feedback that she had got from parents, not often having change on them. So this is the plan

Proposed from 14/02 last day of this term to the end of the school year.

(MS) suggested again giving the parents and children a visual goal for the challenge,

(SH) agreed (WJ) will speak to (SHa) to ask the school council for ideas.

(LA) suggested maybe using last years target and success as a reminder of what they achieved by taking part as a congratulatory and incentive, this is a great idea.

(AS) suggested a Mother’s Day pop up shop for the children.

Lots of good ideas, will have a sample for the children to see at least a week before.

This will be looked into a little more over the next few weeks.

Easter cake sale 03/04 straight from school.

Also raffle this time to be different, have a dress down day to raise the funds to buy for the raffle ourselves.

Proposed dress down day 27/03/20.

(AS) to send the office a letter nearer the time.

Proposed BBQ after sports day to maybe tie in with (SHa) fundraiser with the school council, (WJ) informed us that her plans are to do another picnic after May Day, so follow with (SHa)

Colour run....... It was discussed at the last meeting about trying to put together a colour run fun day, (SH) and (KS) have done some more research and put together some ideas and pricing for this, they have suggested about maybe trying to get local company’s to sponsor it for some advertising and to help keep the costs down for the P.T.A

If anyone knows any local company’s that might be interested in helping us fund this event then please get in touch.

Looking into local company’s to help out with obstacles, J.B rubber was mentioned and (LA) has said that she would be happy to approach. Thank you

Also maybe having sponsor forms for the children to get sponsored for taking part either for the school or a charity of their choosing.

lots of ideas about rewards at the end of the fun race.....cakes, medals etc.

School equipment that is available to be used has been ok’d

So if any of you wanted to do a bit more research into this event and help us out that would be fab!

Looking for this to be a summer event so proposed dates are......

13/06, 20/06, 11/07.  Working towards the 11/07

(WJ) has advised us to put out an letter of interest prior to any big plans being made, this was agreed and P.T.A to draft that letter.


Disco booked for 3/07

Potential movie night around Easter T.B.C

Will need at least 6 volunteers to run this event.

(LA) asked if the question has been put to the parents about what they’d like to do event wise.....(MS) said that previously we have put out questionnaires for ideas and had little to no feedback.

First aiders.....

(AS) and (SH) have expressed that they would be happy to be first aid trained to be looked in to.



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