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Stanion C of E Primary School

'Love the lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.'

Stanion PTA Committee


DATE:  19.02.18



Nikki Hancock (NH), Maggie Mahon (MM), Dana Lukic (DL), Matt Smith (MS), Amy Smith, Charlene Mcllwain (CM), Amanda De Choisy (AD)


Jo Taylor, Rob Singlehurst, Sarah McKean, Stephanie Honan


1)         Race Night

2)         School Disco

3)         Easter Raffle

4)         May Day Celebrations

5)         Summer Fete

6)         Any Other Business

Minutes of Meeting:

1)         Race Night set for 9.03.18.  MS has designed a poster.  Slight amendment to be made to change price of horses to £2.  AD confirmed price of tote tickets to be £15.  AS to check with AD how payment will be required for these.  Bets on the night will be £1 per bet.  AD provided forms to be completed for horses sold.  People purchasing horses can name their own horse.

AD’s husband to run the evening.

Discussed doing raffle again, as per last year, with PTA members donating raffle prizes.  Raffle tickets to be sold on the night.

Help will be required the week before race night with selling horses the week before race night.  AS and DL will be able to cover some days.  Any other help would be gratefully received.  NH suggested selling horses on Friday 2nd March as there is a year 5-6 assembly.  AS and DL have already said could do this, again if anybody else is able to assist, help would be gratefully received.

2)         School Disco booked for the 23rd March.  Disco is to have a sports theme as this falls on the same day as Sports Relief.  DL said she will purchase crisps and any thing else required.  AS will check stocks closer to the time and arrange with DL what is required.

3)         Easter Raffle -  28.03.18 - donations to be from dress down day to be held by school on 16th March,  egg donations to be requested rather than the usual £1 donations.  CM pointed out that there would be a lot of eggs if every child bought in an egg.  NH suggested making more than one raffle hamper prize.  AS suggested any left over eggs being donated to some sort of charity.  NH suggested Corby Food Bank and will contact them to check if they would accept.

The easter raffle will take place at the celebration assembly on 28th at 2pm.  Tickets to be sold the week before this.  AS can cover some days, would need volunteers to help selling tickets where possible.  Any willing volunteers to let AS know.  AS will also ask for Parentmail to be sent out closer to the time asking for volunteers, if necessary.

4)         May Day Celebrations - 25.05.18 - AD advised that the memorial to Eve will be unveiled at the May Day Celebrations.  Eve’s year group and maybe also the year above Eve’s year group are to be asked to attend the unveiling.  NH to make contact where possible with previous students.

AD asked if the PTA would be able to provide hot dogs for the children at the May Day Celebrations, with Cream Teas to be sold for a nominal charge, possibly 50p to adults.  AS and DL will arrange necessary supplies closer to the time.

5)         Summer Fete - 7.07.18 - this was originally pencilled in for 14.07.18, but MM pointed out that this would clash with the Highland Gathering and possibly the Carnival.  It was thought that this would have a big impact on the people able to attend. Highland Dancers would not then be available to attend, or Corby Radio.

CM suggested that in previous years a Facebook page had been designed to advertise the event and asked people to share to get word out.  AS to arrange for MS to be given authorisation to deal with the Facebook page in order to design something

It was discussed whether it is better to invite food sellers, or to have a bbq.  No firm decisions made, it is to be investigated further the costs of purchasing bbq’s and any costs involved in inviting food sellers.  Will be discussed further at next PTA meeting

Discussed PTA selling PIMMS on the day.  Also discussed possibility of selling Gin and Prosecco.  Would need a temporary licence to sell alcohol and would need to discuss with Rob about.  This can be discussed in further detail at the next PTA meeting.

AS to check with JT whether any interest from stall holders to attend yet.

MM confirmed prices for bouncy castles to be hired from her brother as:  Disco Dome - £80, Dragon Bouncy castle - £80, Mega Dome - £100.  It would cost an extra £10 an hour for the bouncy castles to be manned.  It was decided that whether we would need manned, or unmanned could be discussed in further detail at a later date, so that it can be assessed whether there will be enough people to assist on the day.

AS to find out whether the lady that has done the face painting at the fete will be able to attend this year.  If AS has no luck, NH can assist with making contact.

NH will speak to year 6 teacher to arrange for the enterprise project for the design of stalls.  CM said that in previous years the years 6’s have been offered a prize for the best performing stall.  Previously they have been given 50% of the profit made by the stall.

Will need to look in to making contact with Highland Dancers and Corby Radio at the next PTA meeting.

6)         The next PTA meeting is set for Tuesday 17.04.18 at 6.15pm in the school.


  • Bronze Award
  • Healthy Schools
  • School Games Silver
  • School Achievement Award
  • Investors in  People
  • The Diocese of Peterborough