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Stanion C of E Primary School

'Love the lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.'

Stanion PTA Committee

Stanion C of E Primary School

AGM & PTA Meeting

Date: 17.09.18


Venue: Stanion C of E Primary School

Present:  Jo Taylor (JT), Maggie Mahon (MM), Steph Honan (SH), Sarah McKean (SM), Matt Smith (MS), Wayne Jones (WJ), Lisa Manton (LM), Sam Cunnington (SC), Amy Smith (AS), Hannah Auld (HA)

Apologies:  Rob Singlehurst (RS)


  1. Nominations for role of chair, secretary and treasurer

  2. School discos

  3. Family Quiz Night

  4. Nativity Performance

  5. Class Hamper Raffle

  6. Summer Fete

  7. Any Other Business

Minutes of Meeting:

  1. As was was nominated as chair by SC.  This was seconded by MS

MS was nominated as secretary by AS.  This was seconded by SC

RS had already confirmed he is happy to stand as Treasurer again.

2)    AS to book the first school disco for the 19th October.

     Theme will be “A Pumpkin Party”.

Will also run a pumpkin carving competition, entries to be handed in by Thursday after school to be judged and winner will be announced at the disco. £1 to enter pumpkin carving competition

Disco will be from 17.30 to 19.00

Entry will be £2.50 per child

Will provide hotdog and drink for the children

AS to purchase a few vegetarian hotdog sausages, hotdog rolls, squash, plastic cups and napkins

SC, SH, MS, LM, HA to help on the night

WJ confirmed he will lock up after the event.

MS to design poster advertising it to be sent out by parentmail

3)    SH’s husband Daniel had previously offered to be the quiz master for a family quiz night.  AS and SH had discussed and suggested a date of the 9.11.18.  WJ confirms this is fine with the school.

Quiz to start at 19.00 and will be £5 per ticket.  Fish and chip dinner to be included in the ticket price. Orders for fish or sausage to be taken when tickets purchased.

MS to design a poster to advertise this to be sent out by Parentmail before hand.

4)    Cake sale to be held after the Nativity Performances.  Donations to be requested the week leading up to the nativity.

    People to help in selling cakes as follows:

    Wed 12/12 2pm performance:  SH, HA, SC

    Wed 12/12 6.30pm (KS2 Carol Concert):  SM, JT, MS

    Thurs 13/12 2pm:  AS, LM, SC, HA

    AS to make sure have plenty of tea and coffee supplies

5)    Donations for class raffle prizes to be requested from the 3/12.

    MS to design a poster for this.

    Raffle to be drawn on Thurs 13/12 after nativity.

Tickets to be sold W/C 10/12 - help will be required for this.  To be discussed at the next meeting.

6)    A date for the 15.06.19 was agreed for next years summer fete

    Stalls to be advertised early on stallfinder and Facebook - stalls are £10 each

    SC will get hold of a list of stalls previously booked for summer fetes

    SC will speak to Rob and Kirstie Singlehurst about the person that ran the BBQ for them in previous years.

    The village pub, or Amanda have previously ran bar at the event.  They might be able to help this year.

    Corby Radio to be contacted a.s.a.p to book them to attend.  AS to make contact.

    St Johns Ambulance to be contacted to attend.  AS to make contact.

    SC to make contact with Scooby Doo car about possibly attending summer fete.

    HA to ask family members to enquire about a the police attending the summer fete.  


6)    SC suggested a name the Reindeer (teddy bear) competition to be run from W/C 10/12.  50p per entry and winner will win the Reindeer teddy.

    MS to design a poster advertising this.

    AS to look in to whether it is too late to ask children to design their own Christmas Cards to be ordered by parents.

    JT to check whether last years santa will be able to do it again this year and advise AS.  If not, will look in to arranging another Santa.

    AS to book another school disco for 22.03.19.  Any theme to be discussed at the next meeting.

    AS to arrange sweets for the school pantomime trip.  WJ confirmed there are 110 children in the school.

    PTA members to look out for cheap sweet deals and make AS aware of any so they can be purchased at a better price.

    Class pass the parcel - less layers per parcel this time.  Additional sweets to be handed out to children that don’t win any at pass the parcel.  HA and SC offered to help wrapping the parcels.

    Again, AS to look in to buying sweets for this.  If anyone knows of any deals for cheap sweets please let AS know

    SM confirmed comic relief is 15.03.19.  To be discussed at the next meeting what fundraising will be arranged for that.

    The money from last years summer fete has still not been handed over by the Village Hall.  JT confirmed Village Hall had been in contact with Heather at the church, but no responses to emails has been received from Len the chair of the Village Hall Committee.  AS asked WJ how the school would like this to be dealt with.  WJ advised that in order to draw a line under this matter he believed that we should tell the Village Hall Committee to keep all of the tombola money and just release the rest of the money to us.  As will send an email to Len requesting that this is done a.s.a.p.

    AS to draft a letter to be sent out to all parents introducing PTA members and advising of upcoming events and what money raised is spent on.  Also informing them of representative for each year group. 

    Reception:  Lisa Manton

    Year 1 - 2:  Stephanie Honan

    Year 3 - 4:  Sarah McKean

    Year 5 - 6:  Maggie Mahon

The date for the next PTA meeting is Monday 8.10.18 at 6.30pm in the School.


  • Bronze Award
  • Healthy Schools
  • School Games Silver
  • School Achievement Award
  • Investors in  People
  • The Diocese of Peterborough