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Stanion C of E Primary School

'Love the lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.'

Stanion PTA Committee

Stanion C of E PTA Meeting 11/03/2019


Amy Smith (AS), Matt Smith (MS), Wayne Jones (WJ), Lisa Manton (LM), Hannah Auld (HA), Rob Singlehurst (RS), Sarah McKean (SM), Steph Honan (SH), Maggie Mahon (MM), Louise McQuarrie


Sam Cunnington (SC)


  1. Money Raised So Far

  2. Upcoming Activities

  3. Easter Activities

  4. Summer Fete 2019

  5. Other Activities


  1. Money Raised So Far

    • Easyfundraising is up to £350

      1. AS is going to look into whether EasyfundRaising supports the school stationery supplier.

    • Film Night raised £180 after expenses

    • Lucky Star Tote has currently taken £265 (shared across monthly prize & PTA). LM will pass the PTA share to RS.

  2. Upcoming Activities

    • School Disco on 22nd March.

      1. Poster is ready to go out

      2. Suggested that a tuck-shop be held where the children can purchase pre-packed bags of sweets for 20p. HA to check prices of sweets at Bookers.

      3. It’s been decided that we will not be selling glow-sticks.

    • Smarties Tube Challenge

      1. AS showed an example Team Total Board.

      2. Teams will win team points for each completed tube returned. A suggestion of 5 team points per completed tube has been proposed.

      3. Winning Team will get to have a dress-down day (date to be confirmed)

      4. HA looking into prices of bulk buying Smarties

      5. Tubes will go out on the 5th April in school bags.

      6. Competition will conclude on the 15th June.

  3. Easter Activities

    • Easter Treasure Hunt

      1. The Pre-School is not doing one, however a decision has been made to do a “Summer Treasure Hunt”, possibly during the summer holidays rather than an Easter one.

    • Easter Raffle

      1. AS asked the PTA members if they would be able to bring in some easter eggs and/or wine so that a display hamper can be made up.

      2. Leftover eggs will be split between Sky Lark & a food bank.

      3. Cake sale to be held after the Easter assembly & Raffle.


  1. Summer Fete 2019

    • Currently Booked:

      1. 7 Stalls

      2. As well as the already confirmed activities/events there will now be:

        1. an outside bar. AS to ask whether they will be willing to make a donation to the PTA.

        2. Cheerleading Performance

        3. Zumba Display

    • Current Raffle prizes

      1. West Lodge Farm pass

      2. Cinema pass

      3. Cheeky Monkey’s pass

    • AS asks for help in getting more raffle prizes

    • AS asked MM to enquire about Bouncy Castles


  1. Other Activities

    • AS has suggested she will take part in an activity fun run later in the year in order to help raise money for the PTA. MS & SH have suggested they would also be willing to take part.

    • AS suggested a ‘Matchbox Challenge’ where children are sponsored to fill/decorate their match boxes. Prizes could b po 9e given out based on criteria such as:

      1. Most items in a matchbox

      2. Best decorated


Next PTA meeting to be held on 29th April @ 6:30pm



  • Bronze Award
  • Healthy Schools
  • School Games Silver
  • School Achievement Award
  • Investors in  People
  • The Diocese of Peterborough