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Stanion C of E Primary School

'Love the lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.'

Stanion PTA Committee

Stanion C of E Primary - PTA Meeting 19/11/2018


Steph Honan (SH), Matt Smith (MS), Wayne Jones (WJ), Lisa Manton (LM), Hannah Auld (HA), Jo Taylor (JT), Amy Smith (AS), Rob Singlehurst (RS), Maggie Mahon (MM), Sarah McKean (SM), Louise McQuarrie (LMc)


Sam Cunnington (SC)


  1. Recent Activities
  2. Christmas Activities
  3. Clothing Collection
  4. Easy Fundraising
  5. Easter Activities
  6. Summer Fete 2019
  7. Other Activities


  1. Recent Activities
    • Family Quiz Night was cancelled as no one bought tickets. In its place a “do at home” Quiz has been arranged. Quiz sheets are currently being sent home with the children. Quiz is £1 to enter
    • Christmas Card orders have been received and sent out to Parents. PTA made £61.96
    • Pumpkin Party (School Disco) made £75.70
  2. Christmas Activities
    • Christmas Raffle
      1. AS has asked for help to sell tickets from the 10th December.
      2. HA & LM have agreed to help.
      3. LM has said she can get the raffle tickets
      4. MM & SM have said they can then put the hampers together
    • Name the Reindeer competition
      • 50p the enter
      • Suggested that a grid of 50 names is used to start with (more can be added if the need arises)
    • Sweets for the Christmas Panto
      • Monday 17th
      • AS has already bought the sweets
    • Pass the Parcel
      • 1 Parcel per class to be provided, with 10 layers on each
      • AS has bought the sweets
      • HA has said she will wrap them
    • Visit from Santa
      • HA has advised that her Grandad may be willing to be Santa and has his own Santa Suit. If not able to, then MS will play the part of Santa
      • Visit will be around 2pm on the 19th December
    • School Christmas Play
      • Cakes will be sold after the parent performances - ParentMail to be sent W/C 10th December to ask for cake donations
      • Morning performance will have Coffee & Biscuits which the school will manage
      • Wednesday 12th December @ 2pm - SH & LMc to support
      • Thursday 13th December @ 2pm - HA & LM to support
    • Carol Concert
      • Wednesday 12th December @ 6:30pm
      • JT has the church urn that we can use
      • Will supply Mulled wine, Squash, Mince Pies & Biscuits
      • AS already has the cups required
    • Santa Letters
      • Rob to send templates for previous letters to AS. MS will work into new templates
      • Each letter will cost £2.50
    • Christmas Film night
      • Suggested date of Wednesday 5th December. Straight after school.
      • Tickets bought in advance @ £2.50
      • Looking into two U rated christmas films
      • MS to design poster
      • LM, HA, SH, MM, SM have advised that they could supervise
      • Hot Dogs & Drink to be supplied
  3. Clothing Collection
    • LM & AS have looked into this. LM has collated information relating to a company in Corby that offers the service for Schools. To be discussed further.
  4. Easy Fundraising
    • AS has set up a fundraising page for Stanion PTA
    • Promoted on Facebook
    • AS & MS to print out flyers which will be sent home with the children as well as ParentMail to try and capitalise on Black Friday / Christmas shopping
  5. Easter Activities
    • Easter Treasure Hunt - LM has checked with the pre-school and they currently do not have one planned
    • Easter Eggs - AS has asked if we can have a mufti-day where the children donate an Easter Egg for the Easter raffle
  6. Summer Fete 2019
    • AS went to a recent Lolly Rocket event and handed out leaflets for stallholders
    • HA has asked to have some leaflets as she will be attending events this weekend where she can hand out leaflets to stallholders
    • Advert on Stallfinder
    • St Johns ambulance confirmed to attend
    • Corby Radio confirmed to attend
    • Stonie’s Pizza confirmed to attend
    • A Facepainter has been confirmed to attend
    • We will need to discuss raffle donations at a later date
  7. Other Activities
    • Smarties Tube Challenge - will discuss at a later date, but will likely happen after the 1st half-term of 2019
    • LM has suggested a ‘Tea Towel of the Year’ where tea towels will be available for purchase, which have messages from all the children rather than individual Tea Towels per child
    • LM has suggested a ‘Yearly Tote’ where people can pay in £12 a year for a chance to win a cash prize each month.




  • Bronze Award
  • Healthy Schools
  • School Games Silver
  • School Achievement Award
  • Investors in  People
  • The Diocese of Peterborough