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Stanion Super Powers/Friends

At Stanion C.E (Aided) Primary School we firmly believe that children should be given the opportunity to become independent learners and enjoy all aspects of school life. We encourage the children to take responsibility for their learning and empower them by providing opportunities for 'Learn to Learn' skills across the curriculum. These skills are represented by our five super friends:

  • Community Cam  

    To be like Cam you will need to support your friends and appreciate each other.  You will be caring to your friends and look after them. 

  • Independent India  

    To be like India you need to show that you can do things for yourself, that might be getting yourself changed for P.E. without help, or it might be collecting your own learning resources. You must be brave and trust yourself.

  • Mindful Mo  

    You can be like Mindful Mo by believing in yourself and being kind to yourself.  Have the confidence to believe in your own ability and take risks.  You must always be kind to yourself even when things do not go to plan.

  • Possibilities Parker  

    You could be like Parker and demonstrate perseverance by continuing to practise a certain times table, despite finding it incredibly challenging, until you perfect it, rather than giving up.  Try something new and keep going.

  • Engagement Eric  

    If you’re going to be like Eric, you will be enthusiastic about your learning in and out of school, sharing what you have learnt with everyone else.  You will think for yourself and ask questions.

Our children are encouraged to reflect on their learning and assess themselves against the five Super Friends. They are asked to think about what they do well and what they could improve upon.

Each week a child in every class is awarded a special certificate in recognition of their efforts.